A geometrical interpretation of its inner workings

What this post is about? What you need to know?

In this post I will try to explain the intuition behind Fourier series expansion — why does it at all work, what is the motivation behind it. So I assume a certain knowledge about the basics of Fourier expansion, at least its principle, as a pre-requisite. A little exposure to…

The recent event of Covid-19 in India and the Amphan cyclone storm in West Bengal have brought forth extreme suffering for the poor and under-privileged. The images of migrant labourers engaged in an endless walk and the homeless people shedding tears of despair speak of their plight. Along with these…

How was an infinite number system created? A child’s musings

Dear Readers,

This will be an investigation into the number system becoming infinite. Just to warn any mathematics enthusiasts, this is an outcome of childish inquiry. So please do not expect any genuine mathematics here.

As a prologue to this journey, I have the habit of creating a story in…

Anirban Chakraborty

A science enthusiast and passionate philosopher in pursuit of truth.

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